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We having a saying ‘It’s the Fat that makes Food Fabulous’. There has been tremendous research into a huge variety of proteins to make plant based food, but it is sometimes forgotten that taste, succulence and flavour delivery in meat or dairy products is mainly from the fat, and not the protein!

AAK plant-based fats are designed to mimic the melt profile and functionality of meat and dairy fats, in a variety of plant based foods, ranging from burgers to sausages and mince.

Our AkomarinTM Plant based marinade technology provides sheen, colour and flavour to the surface of the food, whilst our AkoplanetTM fats and oils provide succulence and flavour delivery in the body of the product.

We are committed to helping you create tastier and healthier plant-based foods - products that consumers will love. If you are aiming to meet the needs of those embracing a vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian lifestyle, we are here to support you. With our plant-based oil ingredients, experience and technical knowhow, you can produce products that prioritise taste, sustainability and health. Our ingredients are suitable for plant-based meat, fish and dairy.

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