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When baking a cake, fat is essential, serving many purposes, including creating the smooth cool melt of an indulgent creamy filling and delivering a solid moist crumb structure that stays fresh and stable throughout the supply chain.  Our plant-based oils and fats will help you achieve great results and meet the nutritional, dietary and experiential requirements of today’s consumer.

Our bakers and food scientists are experienced in issues ranging from fat, calorie and sugar reduction to shelf life extension and vegan development.

How we can support

We help manufacturers, retailers and foodservice chains enhance their cake ranges.  As your co-development partner we can work with you to develop tastier and lower calorie treats.  Challenge us with your next opportunity – our experts are here to support you.

We can help you with:

  • Icings, buttercreams, chocolate
  • Dairy replacement
  • Creating great taste and texture in tray bakes, cupcakes and celebration cakes
  • Meeting calorie, fat and saturated fat reduction targets
  • Mitigating fluctuating ingredient prices
  • Achieving stable moist crumb structure
  • Develop delicious vegan cakes

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