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What are divider oils?

Divider oils are specially formulated blends of vegetable oils and other ingredients, designed specifically to lubricate dough contact areas to ensure the accurate, consistent cutting of bread dough pieces before moulding. 

Our divider oils are completely free of mineral hydrocarbons, and their formulations are designed to minimise oxidation and the development of stickiness, which would cause inconsistent dough weights. Their main function is to lubricate the ram and knife area of the divider, but they are also used to release dough from bowls, chutes and divider hoppers. They are applied by systems which AAK engineers can supply and maintain.

Why use divider oils?

  • Prevent dough from sticking to knives, bowls, chutes and hoppers
  • Reduce food waste
  • Enhance the quality and consistency of finished baked goods
  • Improve manufacturing / processing speeds
  • Facilitate cleaning
  • Can also be used for sugar confectionery, table jellies and hard candies

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