AAK is global business which provides a wide range of sustainably-sourced, plant-based oils, fats and specialist ingredients to the bakery industry. Offering superior functionality, our solutions help brand owners, manufacturers and retailers to achieve nutritional targets, meet government health legislation and deliver sustainability goals.

Bakery challenges

We understand the pressures our customers are under to produce healthier options to meet Government targets, whilst maintaining taste and eating quality. At the same time, concern for the environment is fuelling the demand for sustainably-sourced solutions, and the popularity of vegan/plant-based continues to rise exponentially.

Co-developed solutions

The good news is that our experienced and creative Customer Innovation team of development bakers, food technologists and engineers is ready to help. Based at our purpose-built Customer Innovation Centre, they are ready to discuss your project with you and work together to co-develop the perfect, value adding solution.

Cut calories, boost nutrition, develop vegan

So, whether you need to cut calories, add Omega 3 to improve nutritional value, or develop vegan additions to your range, you can count on us. And don’t worry about sustainability - it’s in our DNA. You can depend on us to supply sustainable solutions. Click here to read more.

Contact our Customer Innovation team today to discuss your challenge, plan, product or process.