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Chocolate and confectionery is an incredibly creative sector, constantly evolving to create new flavours and formats, whether it is a chocolate bar seeking a shiny glossy finish and snap, a luscious filled praline, or a creamy coating for a cake or biscuit.

The melt profile, bloom resistance, coating flexibility and heat stability all depend on the fat composition and crystal structure.  Cocoa butter equivalents, cocoa butter improvers, cocoa butter substitutes and filling fats are key tools that AAK can provide.

With our cocoa butter alternatives and filling fats you can improve taste and sensory experience, extend shelf life and address the demands of environmentally minded consumers. 

AAK is committed to creating a positive future through our Kolo Nafaso Shea Programme.  Join our movement for positive change.

How we can support

With our experience and technical know-how, our Customer Innovation team works with chocolate and confectionary manufacturers to co-develop products, processes and applications.  Contact us today to find out how.

We can help you with:

  • Cocoa butter alternatives (cocoa butter equivalents, cocoa butter improvers, cocoa butter substitutes)
  • Filling fats
  • Preventing chocolate bloom
  • Reducing chocolate cost
  • Increasing heat stability
  • Enhancing flavour release
  • Improving sensory experience
  • Sourcing sustainable ingredients 

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