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Fat is a key ingredient in bakery products delivering, for example, aeration, texture, flavour, shortness and shelf life.

Shortcrust pastry should melt in the mouth.  Puff pastry should have light, well separated and defined layers.  Both should be easy to use and deliver a delicious bite. 

AAK fats are designed to give functionality and taste and to solve challenges such as reducing fat, saturated fat and calories.

How we can support

Our Customer Innovation team can help you on your pastry product development journey.  With industry experience across retail and foodservice, we appreciate the nuances of creating products that taste and look good, meet health guidelines and address shelf-life requirements.  We can provide hands on or virtual workshops or direct support for your NPD brief.

We can help with:

  • Reduced fat and saturated fat
  • Vegan product development
  • Plant-based and vegan development
  • Sustainable palm and non palm solutions
  • Shelf-life requirements 
  • Butter alternatives

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