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The UK diet is too high in ingredients negative to health, yet deficient in those essential to good health.  AAK can help redress this balance.

We can work with you to reduce fat, saturated fat, sugar and calories, but also provide positive nutrition.

Plant-based oils for nutritional fortification and speciality nutrition is a key focus for AAK.  Our high quality dietary products, beneficial oils and fat supplements can help meet the nutritional needs of people of all ages - infants to seniors. 

A leading supplier of ingredients to the medical nutrition sector, we offer a range of nutritional lipids and phytosterols for functional nutrition products. 

Our products are pure and clean, aligned with the AAK Contaminant Standards.

How we can support

Whether your objective is to improve the nutritional profile of an existing range or to develop a new product, as your co-development partner, our expert team can help you identify the best solution.

We offer:

  • Speciality oils
  • Egg phospholipids
  • Phytosterols
  • DHA and EHA Omega 3 fatty acids