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What are barrier fats?

Barrier fats are used to create a thin film between different layers in biscuits and cookies, chocolate and confectionery, cakes and icing.

Barrier fats prevent the migration of moisture from between the layers of any food product, such as a chocolate, cookie, cake or dessert, for example from a chocolate filling to the drier biscuit below. In doing so they can improve quality and extend shelf life, by preventing layers from becoming either too soft or too dry.

They are typically provided in the form of fat lakes, which are melted or sprayed onto the product between the layers. Full application advice and support is provided by our Customer Innovation Managers and, if needed, even the equipment can be designed and provided by the AAK Engineering Services team.

Why use barrier fats?

  • Extend shelf life
  • Prevent bloom
  • Improve quality
  • Neutral taste

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