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Fat is a key ingredient in many bakery products delivering, for example, aeration, texture, flavour, shortness and shelf life. Fat content typically ranges from a few percentages in bread, to around 30% in puff pastry and filling creams.

We understand however, the challenges you are under to produce healthier options to meet Government targets, whilst maintaining taste and eating quality. At the same time, concern for the environment is fuelling the demand for sustainably sourced solutions, and the popularity of plant-based options continues to rise.

How we can support

The choice of fats is wide, but we can help you to find the right one to deliver the performance and quality you need for your baked product. Our experienced and creative Customer Innovation team of development bakers, food technicians and engineers are ready to help. Based at our purpose-built customer Innovation Centre, they are ready to discuss your project with you and work together to find the perfect, value adding solution.

We can help you with:

  • New product development
  • Cutting calories
  • Reducing fat and saturated fat
  • Improving nutritional value
  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Sustainably sourced solutions
  • Producing vegetarian or vegan options
  • Processing oils and application equipment

Related Products & Ingredients

Thumbnail Pumpable shortenings Cake 1

Pumpable Shortenings

A liquid shortening that delivers all the functionality of its solid block counterpart, but can also deliver a range of processing, nutritional and cost saving benefits, without the plastic packaging.

Thumbnail Shortenings Cake and Biscuits 1


Typically, a shortening is a fat which is solid at room temperature and contains no water. The name is derived from fat’s ability to ‘shorten’ the texture of baked products – i.e. to make it crumblier. 

Thumbnail Filling fats cream filled biscuit such as an oreo 3

Filling Fats

Filling fats are designed specifically to be used in the cream fillings of chocolates, confectionery, sandwich biscuits or cakes.

Thumbnail Flaked fats pizza or foccacia 2

Flaked Fats

Flaked fats are solid flakes of pure fat, which are easy to use and deliver a wide range of functional benefits. They are especially good for pizza bases, focaccias and flatbreads.

Thumbnail Butter alternatives scones fudge savoury sauces 1

Vegan Butter

What is vegan butter?

AAK butter alternatives cook, function and taste just like dairy butter, but they’re made from plant-based oils and fats. With an identical melt profile as traditional butter or ghee, they can be used as either a total or partial replacement for dairy butter or ghee in any recipe.

Thumbnail Margarines Cake and Biscuits 1


AAK cake margarines are carefully formulated to deliver maximum volume, stability, shelf life, lightness and consistency of taste, all year round.

Thumbnail Emulsifiers 2


Emulsifiers are key to bind water and oil or fat in any recipe, to improve taste, texture, appearance and shelf life by preventing staling.

Release agents thumb

Release Agents

Release agents are specialised products which are used to prevent baked goods such as bread, pizza, morning goods, cakes and from biscuits sticking to the baking tin, tray or oven band during baking.

Thumbnail Bread fats loaf of bread 1

Divider Oils

Divider oils are specially formulated blends of vegetable oils and other ingredients, designed specifically to lubricate dough contact areas to ensure the accurate, consistent cutting of bread dough pieces before moulding.