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What is a release agent?

Release agents are specialised products which are used to prevent baked goods such as bread, pizza, morning goods, cakes and from biscuits sticking to the baking tin, tray or oven band during baking.

Release agents can help you to improve quality, increase production volumes and reduce waste. They are suitable across a broad range of food manufacturing sectors. Available in a variety of delivery formats, our release agents vary in viscosity, from a liquid to a paste, to suit the type of ingredients being used. All are pumpable and can be applied by spraying, spinning, or by dip bar and brush systems. AAK Engineers can supply equipment, product and even full maintenance programs for smooth operation throughout the year.

Why use release agents?

  • Prevent products from sticking to tins
  • Improve the quality and appearance of the finished product
  • Reduce food waste
  • Improve manufacturing / processing speeds
  • Facilitate cleaning
  • Extend the life of the baking tin, tray or band

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