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What is a shortening?

Typically, a shortening is a fat which is solid at room temperature and contains no water. The name is derived from fat’s ability to ‘shorten’ the texture of baked products – i.e. to make it crumblier. 

AAK shortenings are easy to incorporate, reduce mixing times and are suitable for high-speed production processes. They extend shelf life, improve eating quality, and are perfect for cakes, biscuits and cookie dough. Ideal for producing light, soft eating sponges and fermented goods, our shortenings add volume, stabilise cake batter and, when used in fondant icing, can prevent cracking or sticking. 

We also offer semi-liquid pumpable shortenings.

Why use shortenings?

  • Clean, neutral taste
  • Produce light, soft sponges and fermented goods
  • Add volume and stabilise cake batter
  • Shorten mixing times
  • Extend shelf life and improve eating quality
  • Suitable for conventional or high-speed dough making
  • Ideal for vegan recipes
  • Sustainably sourced

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