With a clean, neutral taste, AAK shortenings are easy to incorporate, reduce mixing times and are suitable for high-speed production processes. They also extend the shelf life and improve eating quality. They are perfect for pastry, cakes, biscuits and cookie dough.

Our range of high quality shortenings are perfect for pastry, biscuits, cookies and cakes. Whatever you are trying to achieve, we can provide the perfect solution.


For example our general purpose pastry shortening is aerated to give smooth consistency, and repeatable results in shortcrust pastry. It can also be used as dough fat in laminated pastry.

Other blends have been proven to help keep pastry crisp and fresh. One of our customers was able to extend the shelf life of their sweet-baked product by two days as a result, cutting production costs and reducing food waste.

Biscuits, cookies and cakes

We provide shortenings too that are the ideal for the production of light, soft eating sponges and fermented goods. They add volume, stabilise cake batter and, when used in fondant icing, can prevent cracking or sticking.


Our plant-based shortenings are ideal for vegan recipes, and can provide effective alternatives to butter to deliver a range of nutrition, cost or processing benefits. Butter Alternatives

Pumpable liquid shortenings

Liquid pumpable shortenings - which can be stored close to the line to be added directly to your mix - can radically reduce both handling time and packaging waste. Pumpable Liquid Shortenings

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