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Our aim is to provide exactly what you need for your application. If this can be achieved with a standard product, that’s what we will supply. However, if you have something special in mind, or a target such as sugar, saturate or calorie reduction, we will work with you to co-develop a value-adding solution to meet your precise requirements. We will talk to you about your aims and do everything we can to help you to achieve them.



Fat is a key ingredient in many bakery products delivering, for example, aeration, texture, flavour, shortness and shelf life. Fat content typically ranges from a few percentages in bread, to around 30% in puff pastry and filling creams.

Bread and mourning goods

Bread / Morning Goods

Our bakery fats, release agents and other ingredients, developed over years of working with bakeries, will help you to achieve great loaves and other bread products.  The correct type of fat can help greatly with loaf volume, crumb texture and shelf life.  The correct release agents and divider oils also ensure problem free production with perfect tin and band release every time. 

Chocolate Confectionary

Chocolate & Confectionery

Chocolate and confectionery is an incredibly creative sector, constantly evolving to create new flavours and formats, whether it is a chocolate bar seeking a shiny glossy finish and snap, or a luscious, filled praline or a creamy coating for a cake or biscuit.

Dairy and ice cream

Dairy & Ice cream

Many dairy and ice cream products can be produced where some, or all, of the milk fat is replaced by vegetable fat.  This might be done for reasons of cost, saturated fat content or functionality. AAK dairy technology provides solutions for end products such as: 

Plant based thumb

Plant-based foods

We having a saying ‘It’s the Fat that makes Food Fabulous’. There has been tremendous research into a huge variety of proteins to make plant based food, but it is sometimes forgotten that taste, succulence and flavour delivery in meat or dairy products is mainly from the fat, and not the protein!

Personal care

Personal Care

Skin care, hair care, cosmetics and personal care product manufacturers need, above all, a reliable and consistent supply of high-performing, sustainably-sourced ingredients.

Soups and sauces

Soups and sauces

Most supermarkets offer a wide variety of mixes and concentrates for soups and sauces. Many are powdered products – ready to cook after the addition of water. With a long shelf life, they are popular and easy to use.

Special nutrition thumb

Special Nutrition

The UK diet is too high in ingredients negative to health, yet deficient in those essential to good health.  AAK can help redress this balance.

We can work with you to reduce fat, saturated fat, sugar and calories, but also provide positive nutrition.

Animal nutrition

Animal Nutrition

Vegetable oils and fats and their by-products are used for animal feed in significant quantities. The main reason for feeding oils and fats to animals is their nutritional value, but there may also be technical reasons relating to feed production.