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What is vegan butter?

Vegan butter replicates exactly the appearance, cooking, functionality, and taste of dairy butter but is crafted from plant-based oils and fats. With a melt profile identical to that of traditional butter and an easy 1:1 replacement, it can seamlessly replace dairy butter entirely or partially in any recipe. It can even be spread on toast in the morning!

Vegan butters deliver the taste, functionality and appearance of dairy butter but can help make products suitable for vegans or dairy allergen free (when used to replace dairy butter entirely). AAK Vegan Butters are suitable for any savoury or sweet application, including cakes, pastry, biscuits, ready meals and sauces. They can also help reduce saturated fat, increase shelf life, lower carbon footprint and of course reduce rising dairy ingredient costs.

Why use butter alternatives?

  • Identical to the taste of dairy butter
  • Lower cost than dairy butter
  • Cut saturated fat
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • No seasonal variability: consistent quality throughout the year
  • Process more quickly, no chilling or tempering required unlike dairy butter
  • Palm and non-palm options