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What are pumpable shortenings?

Pumpable shortenings are liquid shortenings that deliver all the functionality of their solid block counterparts, but can also offer a range of processing, nutritional and cost saving benefits, without the plastic packaging.

Delivered in IBCs, or stored close to your production line in small tanks, pumpable shortenings are pumped directly into the mix, in a controlled and accurate manner.

Pumpable shortenings are perfect for a wide range of bakery applications, including bread, shortcrust pastry, morning goods, cakes, biscuits and even pizza bases. Because they are liquid, they blend more efficiently with the other ingredients in the mix. This allows you to reduce sugar, saturated fat and calories, and use less ingredients overall.

Why use pumpable shortenings?

  • Improve volume and structure
  • Reduce saturated fat
  • Use less fat and egg
  • Save manual handling time
  • Cut packaging waste
  • Save money

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