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Pizza is popular the world over but getting the taste, texture and flavour right, especially in large scale production, can be difficult.  It is a challenge we can help you meet.  Our ingredients are great for pizza in all its forms from bake at home deep-pan to artisan stone-baked flatbread to hot counter food-to-go slice.

We help industrial manufactured pizza look and taste as if freshly baked in an authentic Italian restaurant. 

Our flaked fats are perfect for pizza dough.  Adding a small amount to the dough creates a lighter, more open texture and crispier crust.  They can also improve flavour distribution.

Our garlic mayonnaise base can add flavour and richness. 

Our customised oils can reduce saturated fat or help in microwavability

How we can support

Why not work with our Customer Innovation team to discover the optimum oils and fats for your recipe and production process?  If you are perfecting your next big launch or reviewing your current products, contact us now.

We can help you:

  • Create lighter, open texture
  • Achieve a crispier crust
  • Improve flavour distribution

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