Registered vegan products

Many of our products are registered with The Vegan Society, making them suitable for use in plant-based food products.

Please see below for the full list. If you have a specific requirement and you would like advice on which product to use, please contact us.
    • Akoblend Fluid /SG
    • Akomarba 126-07 /SG
    • Akomarba 127-07 /SG
    • Akomarba 130-03 /MB
    • Akomarba 130-03 /SG
    • Akomarba 145-07 /SG
    • Akoplanet PBM 30-001
    • Bunglaze 20
    • Cresta®Flake LT148 SG
    • Cresta®Flake LT4L /SG
    • Cresta®Flake LT4S /SG
    • Cresta®Thick NACF /SG
    Butter blends croped
    Vegan Bakery
    Plant based Bacon High Res