How do you make an indulgent brownie vegan?

Or how can you bake a cake without eggs? Will our customers notice if we move to a plant-based butter alternative in our cookies?

NPD teams throughout the bakery sector are focusing on how to produce vegan bakery products, which taste as good as their traditional counterparts.

And whatever their questions, our Customer Innovation team is on hand to provide the answers. AAK is well versed in the bakery industry with many years' experience of supplying cake, biscuit, bread and pastry manufacturers.

During this time we have continued to add to our range of solutions, as consumers change their eating habits and interest in vegan food grows. Our main priority is striving to maintain the same mouthfeel, texture and functionality of traditional recipes with plant-based oils and fats.

IMG 1658
Vegan breakfast flapjacks made with plant-based oils

Like butter, but better

Our range of butter alternatives are suitable for use wherever butter is currently used. In addition to matching the organoleptic properties of butter, our butter alternatives can also help you mitigate dairy price fluctuations, reduce saturated fat and simplify your production process.

Our plant-based ingredients deliver on taste and functionality

In addition to butter alternatives, our solutions for vegan bakery also include plant-based emulsifiers, egg replacers and pastry fats. So whether you are trying to create the lightest vegan croissant, the tastiest plant-based brioche or a dairy and egg free celebration cake, get in touch to learn more about how AAK can support your development targets.

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Vegan Society registered plant oils and fats
Plant based Bacon High Res 2