As specialists in value-adding vegetable oils and fats solutions, we can help you to create vegan foods that are ready to compete in an increasingly crowded market sector.

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The vegan diet excludes all animal products such as meat, dairy and eggs, and has evolved from a niche lifestyle choice to a more mainstream dietary option.

In addition, many consumers choose vegan alternatives to meat and dairy alongside their regular purchases, in order to reduce their intake of animal products because of environmental and animal welfare concerns, or because they perceive plant-based diet to have health benefits. 

At AAK we use oils and fats to mimic the distinctive characteristics of animal and dairy fats, to create ingredients that meet the fast-growing demand for good quality plant-based foods. 

What are the unique challenges?

Vegan alternatives must deliver the sensory appeal of the products they are imitating, with a variety of taste and texture profiles.

In addition, they must have appropriate functional properties. Cheese for a pizza must stretch and melt; ice cream must have a cool, creamy, richness and melt slowly; while burgers and sausages must have the correct “bite” and succulence as well as meaty texture and flavour dispersal.

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AAK understands these challenges from a molecular level to the final taste test, and can co-develop ingredients to meet your needs. Contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals with vegan products, or view our range of Vegan Society-registered products here.

How is the vegan market growing?

The UK meat-free market is forecast to grow from £559m in 2016 to £658m in 2021 (source: Mintel), while the number of UK vegans has grown by 360% over the past decade (source: The Food People). Several factors contribute to the increase:

Environmental awareness

Avoiding meat and dairy reduces impact on the Earth, with just 18% of calories being derived from 83% of the world’s farmland (source: The Guardian).

Environmental awareness


A vegan diet has been linked with a 23% lower risk of type 2 diabetes (source: The Telegraph).

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Animal welfare

Many people reportedly believe dairy, egg and meat farming is cruel (source: The Food Programme, BBC Radio 4).

Animal Welfare

Availability of products

Vegan dishes on UK menus are increasing in number at a rate of 54.8% year on year (source: MCA), while high-street bakery brands introduce vegan versions of popular meat-based products such as sausage rolls.

Availability of products

High profile

Campaigns such as Veganuary are supported by influential celebrities and public figures, helping to attract over 250,000 people to sign up in 2019 – with 47% claiming they would continue with their vegan diets (source:

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