AAK is committed to Making Better HappenTM – it is our purpose and our motivation.

Making Better HappenTM also underpins our approach to sustainability, as we strive to build environmental and social responsibility into every link of our value chain. Our vision is to be the first choice for plant-based oil solutions, but we will only succeed if sustainability is embedded into everything we do.

We have developed our own model for sustainable growth based on three key focus areas: Better Sourcing, Better Operations and Better Solutions. We call it the House of Sustainability. You can find out more about this central idea, together with information relating to our UK operations by clicking on the links below.

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Planting seedlings

For a global perspective, as well as copies of our latest reports, policies and procedures, visit: https://aak.com/sustainable-growth/

In the spotlight
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UK Environment Bill - what it means for your business

Enacted in November 2021, the UK Environment Bill will have far reaching implications for every UK food business.

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Saving £1m by giving pastry longer shelf life

Saving an important customer £1m over the space of a year was a real sweet spot for our Customer Innovation team, after putting to work great products and innovative thinking.

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Supporting certified and sustainable palm oil

As the world’s most productive oil crop per ha, palm oil contributes to global food security and can be produced in a sustainable way, without negative impacts.