Turning trends into opportunities

Food manufacture

As a bespoke sauce manufacturer with a flair for flavour, we develop value-adding sauce solutions for manufacturers of all kinds of sweet and savoury products.

From hot and spicy chilli sauces and barbecue dips, to dressings inspired by current food trends and global cuisines, our recipes are developed in partnership with our customers to ensure they meet all requirements.

Our world-class facilities and capabilities mean we’re adept at dealing with tight schedules or a challenging brief.

We can advise upon current trends and legislative changes, and develop products that meet specific nutritional or dietary requirements, including:

  • Vegan and plant-based
  • Reduced fat, sugar or salt
  • Reduced calorie
  • Free from allergens, including gluten

Our facilities include fully equipped development and testing kitchens, as well as demonstration kitchens for tasting and feedback sessions.

Packing formats

We can supply our sauces, dressings and condiments in a range of packaging formats, suitable for a wide range of manufacturing requirements, including:

  • 5/10L Pail
  • 5L Polimoon
  • 5L Jerrican
  • 100ml Jar
  • 200ml Jar
  • Bottles ranging from 150ml to 500ml, including a 200ml square bottle.
  • Pallecon 25L Pail

We can adapt existing packing lines to offer greater flexibility; please contact us if the packaging format you require is not listed here.

Contact our Customer Innovation team today to discuss your challenge, plan, product or process.

Foodservice and retail

Through co-development and customer-led product innovation, we also partner with many of the leading names in retail and foodservice to create custom sauces, condiments and speciality oils that help them achieve their ambitions.

There is no greater source of pride for a bespoke sauce manufacturer than seeing a household brand trust us with its reputation. Our bespoke recipes meet our customers’ specific requirements in terms of flavour, personality and nutritional profiles.

Visit AAK Foodservice for further details of our own label manufacturing services for foodservice and retail operators.

Visit Lion Sauces for information about our Lion range of sauces, chutneys, compotes, coulis and dressings for foodservice.