Choosing the right oil for your manufacturing process is crucial. Which one is right for you will depend on your product range, production equipment and frequency of use.

Sustainable frying oil solutions

Need a new frying oil? Food manufacturers everywhere are evaluating their options, due to current global market conditions, which could continue for some time.

It’s easy to understand why sunflower oil, high oleic sunflower and rapeseed oil are popular for frying. They all have a high smoke point, and work well with a range of manufacturing processes.

However careful blends containing rapeseed or sunflower oil and palm fractions can offer these things too, together with substantially better frying performance than either pure rapeseed oil or classic sunflower oil.

The benefits of blends

  • UK-produced – secure supply
  • Extended fry life – last up to four times longer than rapeseed oil*
  • Cost saving, waste reducing, time saving
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Choice of melt points to suit your process
  • Quantity and contract length to meet your needs

Three new, high performance Akofame frying oil blends:

  • Akofame FK100 SG: lasts up to three times longer than rapeseed oil*, with a melt point of approximately 16oC
  • Akofame FK101 SG: lasts up to two times longer than rapeseed oil*, with a melt point of approximately 10oC
  • Akofame FK102 SG: lasts up to four times longer than rapeseed oil*, with a melt point of approximately 13oC. Contains a synergistic blend of natural antioxidants

* Typical values verified against laboratory OSI tests at 120oC to bring oil to discard point. Source AAK International.

Calculating oil performance

All oil degrades over time, due to exposure to heat, oxygen, food particles and water. Because these factors are so variable, the same oil can perform very differently in different situations. To be able to compare like with like, we undertake laboratory controlled OSI tests – to determine the oxidative stability/relative fry life of the oils we produce.

Frying Oil Tables
Frying Oil Tables 02

An alternative frying oil for the majority of processes:

Which of our new frying oils will be right for you will be determined by what you are making, and your existing manufacturing equipment. We can discuss this with you, undertake an audit of your needs and recommend the optimum, sustainable frying oil solution.

Sustainably sourced

The RSPO certified palm fractions we use in our new blends have been produced sustainably, without negative environmental and social impacts. Our rapeseed and sunflower oils are carefully sourced too, supported by Life Cycle Assessment of our global supply chain. For further information visit:

Food manufacture

Our Customer Innovation team can guide you through the selection, trial and procurement process. They can also advise on how to get the best possible value from your oil and frying process.

Our problem-solving experience is yours to share. So, if you have concerns about polymerisation, carbonisation, gumming, smoking, taint, oxidisation, rancidity or the implications of the new European legislation on acrylamides, we would be more than happy to help.

We have lots of ideas too on how to extend the life of your frying oil, and can advise on sustainable and clean label options. If you’d like to know more, please contact our Customer Innovation team today.


If you are a foodservice operator, please visit Prep frying oils for details of our Prep range of long life frying oils which last for up to three times longer* than standard, extended life frying oils.

*Typical values verified against laboratory OSI tests at 120℃ to bring oil to discard point. Source AAK International.