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At Tastes of Better Ascot on 10 October, we will explore many of the challenges facing those in the food industry, showcasing solutions alongside samples of our delicious food.

You might just be surprised how many challenges can be solved through innovative oils and fats – from plant-based product development, to meeting HSSF legislation targets, or extending the shelf-life of products.

This is because the fat or oil component of a foodstuff can change the way other ingredients function. For example, perception of sweetness can depend as much on the type of fat as the type of sweetener used.

At the event, we will show how even competing challenges - such as reformulating products due to the cost of living crisis, making products vegan or reducing your carbon footprint – can be achieved in products such as cakes, sauces and confectionary.

Helen Flower, Marketing Manager, Food Ingredients, AAK, said: “Choosing the right oils and fats to work with is the secret to meeting many of the current challenges facing food producers today. By attending Tastes of Better Ascot, you’ll be able to taste for yourself what a difference fat can make.”

All tickets must be booked in advance. If you are a professional working in food and nutrition innovation across new product development, technical and marketing, or within food science, menu development or a new brand looking to experience inspiring new solutions, apply for a complimentary VIP place today..