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You might not realise, but the correct oils and fats can make a huge difference in the quality of your plant-based foods.

Oils and fats are a food wonder stuff - providing energy and nutrients, supporting cell function and nutrient absorption, whilst regulating important mechanisms in our bodies such as our immune system.

They also have a major impact on the taste and texture of food, as well as the way ingredients work together, and the efficiency of production processes. This is especially important for plant-based foods – whereby the mouthfeel and flavour of a product can make or break its success.

At Plant Based World, we’ll be showcasing how important the right oils and fats can be with our delicious and unique collection of plant-based menu items, all made with ingredients from our sustainably sourced AkoPlanetTM range.

Our scrumptious starters are a rich, comforting, hearty chick’n soup, finished with a drizzle of Prep Premium pumpkinseed oil and served with a herby crouton, and a crisp, fresh Greek salad of Greek-style white cheese made crumbly and creamy by AkoPlanetTM drizzled with Prep Premium basil-infused oil.

Our moreish mains are a Vegan butter chick’n featuring succulent plant-based chick’n strips simmered in a rich aromatic sauce, while our ‘fish’ and chips includes a tasty fishless fillet in a golden breadcrumb served with chips and plant-based tartare sauce.

Our delicious desserts are where things get even more exciting. After the success of last year’s Jaffa cakes, this year we bring you Bountylicious bars - a delightfully dairy free, sweet coconut bite dipped in vegan chocolate, as well as a plant-based take on festive favourites - mince pies and gingerbread.

Our aim is to talk to NPD teams and brand owners about the positive impact our carefully formulated ingredients can have in four key areas: taste, nutrition, functionality, and sustainability.

Taking place between 15-16th November 2023, at ExCeL London, Plant Based World provides the chance for you to meet with us to see how our fats can really make your food fabulous!

Please contact us if you’d like any more information. You can find out more about AkoPlanet here.

You can find out more about the expo and register here.