11th September 2023

If you’re interested in understanding more about plant-based fats, and how they could be used to supplement or completely replace the traditional ingredients in your recipes, come along to the London Chocolate Forum on the 12 October, and chat to the AAK team.

We’ll be showcasing our innovative ingredients and sharing ideas about how we could help you to meet your development challenges. So, if you’re aiming to add indulgence, extend shelf life, offer healthier options, improve sustainability or facilitate processing, we look forward to meeting you.

You’ll be able to taste our solutions for yourself and discover how they could enhance your chocolate creations. We’ll have two great examples to share: Vegan Chocolate Discs with Whole Hazelnuts – made with COBAOTM Pure, and Chocolate Shells filled with Deliair NH 50 SG, raspberry pieces and high milk content.

Vegan Chocolate Discs with Whole Hazelnuts – made with COBAOTM Pure

Your customers will be blown away by the crisp snap, and melt-in-the-mouth texture that COBAOTM Pure can provide. Offering tailored indulgence, it’s the perfect choice for a wide range of premium products and, with no label changes, can open new doors to chocolate innovation. UTZ certified, it’s a sustainable choice too.

COBAOTM Pure can also deliver long-lasting qualities. Far less sensitive to distribution and storage conditions, it can extend the shelf life of milk and dark chocolate tablets, filled products and coatings by up to 400%. This could enable you to develop new markets for your chocolate creations. And of course, it’s clean label and would allow you to describe your product as vegan, by avoiding milk fat.

Chocolate Shells filled with Deliair NH 50 SG with Raspberry Pieces and High Milk Content

Filling fats provide countless opportunities for creativity and innovation when developing new chocolate and confectionery products. Chocolates with inclusions such as fruit or nuts are popular, however they can lead to oil migration, causing the chocolate to lose its gloss, and become dull, grey and unappealing. Barrier fats can help, so too can innovative solutions such as our Deliair NH 50 SG.

Deliair NH 50 SG is a highly aeratable filling fat, with a high tolerance to milk fat, nut oils and high bloom stability. This makes it an excellent solution when you want a light, aerated filling with long shelf life and a confectionery product with a complex filling. It’s even effective at retarding bloom in recipes with high quantities of nut paste, milk fat or coconut butter.

We look forward to sharing these examples with you at the London Chocolate Forum. We’ll also be happy to address any questions you may have about creating healthier indulgence – with our better-for-you solutions. Delivering responsible solutions, which can help you to meet your sustainability ambitions and consumer expectations, whilst retaining your brand’s signature taste and texture, will also be a key focus. We look forward to seeing you there!