17th November 2022

AAK set to challenge perceptions at Plant Based World Expo Europe: 30 Nov – 1 Dec 2022

Oils and fats are essential for life. They provide energy and nutrients, support cell function and nutrient absorption, whilst regulating important mechanisms in our bodies such as our immune system. Oils and fats also have a major impact on the taste and texture of food, as well as the way ingredients work together, and the efficiency of production processes.

So, we at AAK are on a mission – to share the message that fat makes food fabulous – especially when it comes to plant-based foods, at the Plant Based World Expo Europe exhibition. This takes place at Olympia, London, 30 Nov – 1 Dec, and you’ll find us on stand D5.

We will be sharing seven different plant-based food samples, including pâté, chick’n nuggets, Greek-style salad and cheesecake, made with ingredients from our sustainably sourced AkoPlanetTM range. We will also be showcasing plant-based sauces from our Lion foodservice range.

Our aim is to talk to NPD teams and brand owners about the positive impact our carefully formulated ingredients can have in four key areas: taste, nutrition, functionality, and sustainability.

For example, it’s the AkoPlanetTM in the pate and cheesecake we will be sharing that makes them smooth and creamy, and the AkoPlanetTM in the plant-based chick’n products that make them succulent and juicy.

We hope to talk to visitors too about their own NPD challenges regarding formulation, processing nutrition and sustainability, and how we might work together to co-develop ingredient solutions made with AkoPlanetTM.

So, if you’re looking to improve the taste, nutrition, production or sustainability of your plant based product, we hope to see you there!

To register for Plant Based World Expo Europe visit: https://www.plantbasedworldeurope.com

For more information on AkoPlanetTM visit: https://www.aak.com/applications/plant-based-foods-akoplanet/

Contact: https://aak-uk.com/contact-us