AAK offers a range of solutions for the nutrition sector. With a strong focus on consistently high quality products we are the ideal Co-Development partner. If you are looking to significantly improve the nutritional profile of your existing range, or you are looking to enter a new category, our experienced team can support you.

Unrivalled expertise in meeting your specific needs

We offer unique dietary products, beneficial oils and fat supplements to meet the nutritional requirements of both infants and seniors. We are also a leading supplier of ingredients to the medical nutrition sector, offering a range of nutritional lipids and phytosterols for functional nutrition products. Our solutions are widely used to support the health of key markets globally.

Co-developing for the best solution

Nutritional fortification and speciality nutrition is our key focus area. With close attention to detail, we manufacture our products using carefully sourced raw materials. We offer pure and clean products, aligned with the AAK Contaminant Standards.

We stand by our vision of being the first choice for plant-based oil solutions and aim to provide our customers with quality products and expertise. Get in touch to find out more.

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