Achieving targets on health, sustainability or vegan requirements is both a challenge and a great opportunity for our pastry manufacturing customers.

Fat does the heavy lifting...

Flakier layers or lower grease levels? Whatever your priority, our laminating fats, shortenings and pastry margarines can all have a role to play and when the nutrition goalposts move, knowing which ingredients to tweak or replace can be daunting. Traditional methods and recipes are also being challenged by the growth in the vegan market and the ability to maintain structure and integrity using plant-based solutions. Our range of butter replacers can be useful additions to your development kitchen. We have tried and tested options for both hot and cold pastry products.

Snacks, dinner centerpieces or lunchtime sustenance

As our way of life changes, the opportunity for NPD and category disruption increases. Quick and filling lunches or more frequent family dinners now form a major part of our eating repertoire as we are travelling less and working remotely. This has also led to a change in the food to go market with hot food items increasingly available in the supermarket and a wider variety of handheld products fulfilling the home lunch mission.

Tackling calorie conundrums and showcasing sustainable offerings

Creating great tasting pastries with a lower calorie load or product ranges with a clear focus on sustainability are excellent examples of where our Customer Innovation Team can support you on your development journey. With our industry experience, across retail and foodservice, we appreciate the nuances of creating products that meet government health targets, traffic lights, shelf life requirements and removing dairy fats and welcome you to get in touch. Our Customer Innovation Centre in Hull is available to provide you and your team with hands on or virtual training sessions, workshops and direct support on your next NPD brief.

So, whether you have a current production issue, you are looking to reformulate, or thinking about NPD, our Customer Innovation team is ready to help. Contact us today.