For cake manufacturers, the pressure is on. How best to meet government health targets on sugar, calories and fats, whilst mitigating fluctuating ingredient prices and availability? As consumer interest grows in the search for the best vegan sweet treat, or the most ethically produced cake, how do you maximise these opportunities? If these are the challenges you are facing, our Customer Innovation team can help.

The importance of ingredients

Cupcakes, birthday cakes and even Christmas cakes all depend on a perfect blend of ingredients and a tried and true recipe, to deliver unique eating experiences. Fat is an essential ingredient when baking a cake which serves many purposes. It creates the texture and mouthfeel of an indulgent, creamy filling, and helps to deliver the solid crumb structure that keeps products stable through the supply chain.

Sustainability is key

Our range of plant-based oil solutions is varied, ranging from vegan butter replacers and plant based emulsifiers, to highly effective release agents. All of our solutions can help deliver the nutritional, dietary or experiential requirements of today's cake consumer. The backbone to all of our solutions, is our unwavering commitment to delivering sustainability, from plant to brand. We constantly strive to improve in this area, and actively work to support the promises our customers make to their consumers.

Always here to support you

As a Co-Development partner, we support manufacturers, retailers and foodservice chains to create product ranges that enhance their own personal take on the cake category.

We have helped develop the lightest, tastiest muffins for the foodservice market, the most decadent chocolate celebration cakes for food to order clients, and lower calorie treats for the boom in at home lunches.

Challenge us with your next opportunity. Our team of experts are ready to support you.