For our cake manufacturing customers, the pressure is on. How can they meet government targets on sugar and saturated fats, whilst mitigating cost increases and, at the same time, meeting their customers’ demand for a great tasting, sweet treats? If this is the challenge you are facing, our Customer Innovation team can help.

There are lots of ways to square the circle with unique and, if required, customised vegetable oil solutions. We can help you to improve quality, manage legislative changes and meet export requirements, as well as satisfy growing demand for vegan, clean label, gluten and dairy free options.

We know that you’re exploring new ideas too, including on the go formats and category crossover ideas to appeal to new audiences. We can work with you on new ideas, colours, tastes, textures and eating occasions. 

Incorporating healthier ingredients such as vegetables or health-giving oils is high on the agenda once again. We can help you to cut calories, reduce sweetness and improve the nutritional profile of your products. 

So, if you would like to know more about how we could help with ingredients sourcing and re-formulation, right through to trials and production, please contact our Customer Innovation team today.