Balancing demand for indulgent snacks with government targets on fat, sugar and calorie reduction, presents a a series of significant challenge to biscuit and cookie manufacturers. Our customer innovation team works closely with brand owners, product developers and retailers to help them to navigate these challenges and achieve their objectives. Taste, texture, shape and quality remain a top priority throughout.

The key to great texture and taste

Delivering the perfect crunch in a choc chip cookie, or achieving the smoothest melt of a biscuit cream filling, means getting the blend of oils used in your recipe just right. Our portfolio of plant-based oils solutions for biscuit and cookie manufacturers is varied, which means that we have the answer to every biscuit challenge. And we can further tailor our solutions to meet the nuanced challenges of continual product development, supplying ingredients that work well in:

  • Sweet biscuits
  • Savoury crackers
  • Healthier biscuits
  • Special treats
  • Kids biscuits
  • Chocolate biscuit bars
  • Seasonal biscuits and more...

Balancing health with indulgence

Eating occasions for biscuits and cookies continue to grow as the category is purchased by nearly every household in the UK. Consumer interest is split between healthier options and familiar favourites, whether indulgent or of the everyday variety. To ensure the continued growth of your product range, our customer innovation team can provide insight and experience. So get in touch, whether you are making the switch to vegan, branching out into unfamiliar categories or looking to improve your nutritionals.

We have supported manufacturers and retailers on:

  • Lowering calories
  • Meeting HFSS guidelines
  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Extending shelf life
  • Improving sustainability credentials
  • Removing dairy and vegan claims

Developing for future trends and occasions

As the needs of the market continue to expand into new eating occasions, wellbeing requirements or sustainability targets, we are continuing to develop new plant-based solutions to meet them. Our global presence, paired with local knowledge, sets us apart from our competitors. Whatever your project or challenge, get in touch to learn more our about why AAK is your first choice for value-adding plant-based oils.