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Functional Ingredients

Functional Ingredients


Functional Ingredients

Improve the taste, mouthfeel and volume of your recipes with AAK's functional ingredients range. Whether you are looking to create a softer cake with great texture, improve the chewiness of a crisp pizza base or the eating quality of soft bread rolls, there is an AAK functional ingredient to suit all requirements.

Bakery Emulsifiers

Creating light, tasty cakes is what Cresta®Whip was designed for. Just a small addition to your recipe can give you a soft crumbed cake that melts in the mouth and not on the shelf.

Fat Flakes

Sometimes liquid oils just don’t provide the same structure and mouth-feel you would expect in your recipes. Replacing with fat flakes can give you a great alternative. Fat flakes create little pockets of juiciness in pizza bases, pastries and bread rolls as they bake.

Powdered Fats

Adding a powdered fat to a recipe can deliver great results.  Added to bread dough, powdered fat can improve softness. In dry mixes, fat powders help keep things free flowing and clump free. 

Shelf Life Extenders

Keeping track of short-dated stock is almost as difficult as keeping track of consumer shopping habits. Including a shelf-life extender in your product can mean adding a precious few days of life to your baked goods during the supply chain, through the checkout and into the store cupboard.

Crumb Softeners

Nobody likes a stale cake or biting into a sandwich that tastes as though it should have been eaten yesterday.  Adding an AAK crumb softener can help keep your products tasting fresher for longer.

Barrier Fats

Manufacturing chocolate biscuits?  Make sure your product looks as appealing in the packaging as it does in the factory by using a barrier fat before enrobing.  Barrier fats helps chocolate apply smoothly to crumbly surfaces.

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