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The GreenPalm certificate trading programme exclusively operates the book & claim supply chain option on behalf of the RSPO.

GreenPalm logoRSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified producers can choose to convert their approved tonnage into certificates, placing offers for these on the GreenPalm market.  Final product manufacturers that use palm, palm kernel oil or any palm based derivative or fraction can offset their physical oil usage by placing bids for these certificates.  The full certificate premium goes directly to the RSPO certified producer.  The claim can then be made either on product, CSR reports or websites that your company or brand supports the production of RSPO certified palm oil.

Since trading began in 2008, over 5 million tonnes of RSPO certified palm oil/palm kernels have been supported via the GreenPalm option.  RSPO certified producers collectively have earned millions of dollars in premiums, 1 certificate being equal to 1 tonne of certified palm oil.  GreenPalm has earned the support from some of the biggest names in manufacturing and retailing with certificate trades continuing to gain momentum.

As GreenPalm is not linked to the physical supply chain it encourages all palm producers, including smallholders who produce 30% of the global palm output to adopt the RSPO principles and criteria.  At the same time, it is inclusive for all product manufacturers no matter where they are based on the globe or what type of palm products they use, the option enables any product manufacturer to become 100% RSPO certified.  You can find out more by visiting

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