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A great example of CSR making good business sense is caring for the environment. Conserving energy, reducing waste and cutting emissions can only be achieved by operating efficiently. Operating efficiently will reduce costs and boost profits – so it’s good for the environment and good for business.

Here are some examples…

Energy:  Together with colleagues across the globe, we’ve been looking at ways to reduce energy consumption. In Hull we realised that we could save somewhere in the region of 4.8 million kWh of energy by improving thermal insulation on site. This was achieved in part by replacing and or repairing damaged insulation of process pipework, heating jackets, valves and fittings. Similar improvements in the Bakery fats production area were implemented, producing a further 1.6 million kWh savings.

Air: At Hull we’ve also saved a further 4 million kWh per year and reduced our CO2 output by 740 tonnes, by reducing the steam pressure we use in the deodoriser process.

Water: We have invested in a second Reverse Osmosis unit at Hull to allow us to re-use more water, rather than simply let it drain way. This has resulted in a saving of 42,000 m3 water per year. Additional savings were achieved by reducing the salt usage of the water softener by 10 per cent.

Waste: Our Runcorn plant has been championing a successful waste reduction initiative. In 2009 we were sending the majority of our 600 tonnes of waste from this site to landfill. Today our waste to energy and recycling stands at over 95% per cent and we are working our way to zero landfill.

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