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Cake Release Agents

Cake Release Agents


Cake Release Agents

Smooth surfaces, even baking and cleaner pans with AAK's Rolloff® release agents

Rolloff® release agents help baked goods release cleanly from the pan, tin or belt they have been manufactured in or on. Varying in viscosity from a liquid to a gel, all Rolloff® products are pumpable and sprayable and can be applied through various methods, including:

Main products in the range:

NH Rolloff® 100
The most mainstream, general purpose product in the Rolloff® range. 

Rolloff® DF
An all-vegetable, medium viscosity liquid, containing natural waxes, that aids tin release. Particularly useful for when pan condition is poor or when there is a high sugar content.

Rolloff® 200
A low viscosity blend suitable for use on oven bands and Swiss roll manufacture.

Rolloff® S
Helping to create a smooth surface on cakes as the batter bakes, Rolloff® S is used for products that will be enrobed or require close control over their shape and surface characteristics.

Rolloff® 600
With a new liquid composition which gives greater viscosity, Rolloff® 600 can be applied with accuracy and doesn’t spread too widely once applied.
Suitable for a broad range of baked goods, including cakes, biscuits and morning goods.

Customer specific blends
Off-the-shelf products are not always suitable for every manufacturer. If you are currently working on new product development that will require a different manufacturing method, installing new production kit or you are considering changing your tins, please contact our Manufacturing Support team.

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