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Bread Release Agents

Bread Release Agents


Bread Release Agents

Improve ‘loaf appeal’ without compromising line speed with our Greetin® and Pan-Eze® bread release agents

Developed primarily for use as tin grease in the baking of bread and yeast based products, AAK's release emulsions are also ideal for the manufacture of pizza and flatbreads. The range is extensive and includes products for challenging applications such as light-bake ‘no crust’ bread and sticky loaves which are difficult to release.

All products in the range can be applied to tins and oven trays with spray guns and other applicator systems.  If you require help in how to get the most out of AAK's release emulsions on your production line, please contact our Manufacturing Support team.

Main products in the range:

The most mainstream, general purpose tin grease for the high volume manufacture of simple white loaves.

Greetin® SE
A low viscosity tin grease primarily for pizza manufacture.

Greetin® XT
The industry standard release agent for bread manufacturers.  Ideal for use in high speed production.

NH Pan-Eze® Extra
Ideal for difficult release products such as sticky loaves or honey cakes.

Customer specific blends
Off-the-shelf products are not always suitable for every manufacturer.  If you are currently working on new product development that will require a different manufacturing method, installing new production kit or you are considering changing your tins, please contact our Manufacturing Support team.

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