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Release Agents

Release Agents


Release Agents

Improve quality, increase production volumes and reduce waste with AAK release agents

AAK food grade release agents are suitable for use across a broad range of food manufacturing sectors, including: cakes, biscuits, bread and morning goods.

Available in a variety of delivery formats, release agents help baked products release cleanly from oven bands, tins and belts. Using a specialist release agent also helps to reduce waste and improve the appearance of finished products.

Our release agents vary in viscosity, from a liquid to a paste, depending on the type of manufactured product and the ingredients used.  All products are pumpable and can be sprayed or applied by brush or spinning disc.

If you need help to automate the application of release agents, AAK Engineering Services can provide a comprehensive consultancy service. We can design and maintain a wide range of processing aid application systems including: spray gun, spinning disk, drip-bar, brush or custom designed systems. Each is designed to deliver exactly the right dose to precisely the right place, to optimise production efficiency and extend the life of tins, pans and oven bands.

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