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Divider Oils

Divider Oils


Divider Oils

Reduce costs and improve efficiency and hygiene standards with the Wundrol® range of bread divider oils.

Wundrol® products were the first wholly vegetable-based bread divider oils to become available on the market, and are completely free from mineral hydrocarbons. The products work just as well, in terms of functionality, as mineral bread divider oils. However, as our Wundrol® bread divider oils adhere to the divider blades more effectively, they also offer a key advantage in that less oil needs to be used.

Wundrol® lubricates the ram and knife systems internally so that accurate bread weights can be achieved as dividers weigh by volume. Available in both a pumpable and sprayable liquid form, Wundrol® bread divider oils also ensure the easier handling of dough during the manufacturing process and help to extend the shelf-life of machinery. 

Main products in the range:

Wundrol® 100
The original all-vegetable bread divider oil designed for high speed industrial plant bakeries.

Wundrol® 200
Developed for use in high speed industrial plant bakeries, Wundrol® 200 is also suitable for lower intensity production.

Wundrol® GP
Ideal for use in lower volume applications such as in-store or smaller bakeries.

Customer specific blends
Off-the-shelf products are not always suitable for every manufacturer.  If you are currently working on new product development that will require a different manufacturing method, installing new production kit or you are considering changing your tins; please contact our Manufacturing Support team.

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