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Shelf Life Extenders & Crumb Softeners

Shelf Life Extenders & Crumb Softeners


Shelf Life Extenders & Crumb Softeners

Delay staling and improve flavour in your cakes, breads, rolls and morning goods.

Crumb softeners and shelf life extenders not only improve the eating quality of baked goods, they help to ensure longevity and reduce wastage once in-store.  With addition rates of 1-3% they are cost effective at the level used in the final product and there is also the added benefit of reduced pressure on an already tight supply chain.


Creating a cake with a moister, more appetising crumb can be achieved with Cresta®Whip 10. This can be used in addition to other emulsifiers to extend the shelf life without having an impact on the eating quality. 

Bread, rolls & morning goods

Creating a loaf with a soft crumb structure that lasts from the day of baking until the last slice has been used can be created with just a small addition of Supertex Plus.  The addition of Supertex Plus to a recipe helps to create a well developed gluten matrix which in turn results in a softer crumb and a longer shelf life.

To find out which products in our range would work best in your products, please contact us for more details.

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