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Powdered Fats

Powdered Fats


Powdered Fats

Sprinkle success into your recipes with AAK's powdered fats.

Powdered fats are suitable for a variety of food applications and deliver great results every time.  They offer a multitude of benefits from improving the taste of a product to helping to overcome difficult production processes. Quick-melting and easily blended, powdered fats can greatly improve product texture.

Bread improvers

Powdered fats can be used to help increase the shelf-life of bread. The fine particle size makes it very easy to disperse powdered fats evenly through the dough, even at low addition rates.

Fillings and fondants

When used in fillings and fondant toppings, powdered fats can help keep them glossy, moist and pliable.

Soups, sauces and seasonings

Dried foods benefit greatly from the addition of powdered fats. They easily blend with other dried ingredients and when it comes to reconstituting dried foods with milk or water, powdered fats help to emulsify the mix quickly without lumps.

Cake and other bakery mixes

Pre-boxed cake mixes produced using powdered fats will help to ensure consistent results for home bakers. To further improve results, why not consider adding one of our emulsifiers, for greater crumb softness and overall appearance?

AAK has a great depth of knowledge in the use of these products and how they work in multiple food manufacturing environments.  If you would like more information, please contact our manufacturing support team.

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