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Convenience Foods

Convenience Foods


Convenience Foods

Create succulent sausages and burgers with AAK fat flakes.

Vegetarian products manufactured with textured vegetable and wheat proteins can benefit from the addition of fat flakes to improve their texture.

Products such as sausages, burgers, nuggets and deli slices, which have been manufactured using vegetarian ingredients, can taste distinctly drier than their meat-based counterparts due to their low fat content. To enhance the flavour and try to mimic a meat-like structure for these types of products, fat flakes can be incredibly useful.

Fat flakes are particularly suitable for convenience foods, as they don’t stick together and disperse easily when mixed with other ingredients. They can also help to bind the ingredients to enhance the texture and eating characteristics of the finished product.

Fat flakes are as equally important for low-fat formed meat and fish products to provide a juicy texture with an improved mouth-feel. Similarly to vegetarian textured products, the flakes can also be easily dispersed throughout the mix, without producing lumps of fat in the recipe.

To suit different production methods and requirements, AAK has a range of fat flakes that vary by size, thickness, oil blend and melting point. If you would like to know more about the use of fat flakes in your products, and receive guidance on how they can deliver improvements, please contact our manufacturing support team.

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