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Bakery Applications

Bakery Applications


Bakery Applications

Create perfect pizza bases and flavoursome puddings with AAK fat flakes

From puddings to pizzas and dumplings, AAK (UK) Limited fat flakes are suitable for a range of different bakery applications and are an ideal suet-substitute. They can be used to create tasty recipes with a fresh and light texture that cannot be achieved by using liquid oils.

Pizza bases

AAK fat flakes make pizza crusts taste lighter, crispier and more flavoursome. They also give thin crust pizzas a crispy texture and provide the impression of an authentic, rustic oven-baked Italian pizza.

When it comes to thick crust or deep pan pizzas, fat flakes provide lift and volume to the dough, providing a lighter texture, along with a crispy, chewy crust to the base.

Puddings and dumplings

Traditionally, steamed puddings have always been manufactured with suet; however with today’s stricter dietary and labelling requirements, fat flakes are an ideal suet-substitute.  A variety of different flakes are available to meet the fat requirements of different recipes, and AAK fat flakes are particularly suitable for producing steamed sponges, Christmas pudding and baked savoury pudding crusts.

Additionally, the texture of a traditional suet pudding can be created for dumplings and dumpling mixes with AAK fat flakes.

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