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Fat Flakes

Fat Flakes


Fat Flakes

The functionality of hard fats in the convenience of a flake

Sometimes recipes require the functionality of a hard fat but not the practicality of adding one.

Melting hard fats into a recipe can be a difficult production task.  Hard fats are not always easy to handle and can set before fully blended if added into a lower temperature mix.  This is when fat flakes can play a vital role in food manufacture.  They blend easily with other heat sensitive ingredients before the cooking or baking stage and because of their size they melt out quickly.

In addition to simplifying production techniques, fat flakes can provide multiple benefits across many different products.  They can improve textures, add flavour or mimic the structure of other ingredients to create tasty products that cannot be achieved simply with liquid oils.

AAK fat flakes are available in thick and thin, large or small and even naturally coloured or flavoured.  AAK flakes contain a number of oil blends to meet the requirements of most manufacturers as different melt points are required for different applications.  Contact our Manufacturing Support team to find out more.

Alternatively, to learn more about what fat flakes can do in your recipes, take a look at the links below:

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