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Cake Emulsifiers

Cake Emulsifiers


Cake Emulsifiers

Cresta®Whip bakery emulsifiers help improve volume, texture and product symmetry in cake batters.

Products in the range include:

Cresta®Whip 450G
Our most popular single cake emulsifier product, which is suitable for use in most cake batters. With a glycerine base and suitable for recipes aiming for a cleaner label.

Cresta®Whip 200G
Crestawhip 200G is a dual emulsifier product, suitable for use in most cake batters.

Customer specific blends
Off-the-shelf products are not always suitable for every manufacturer.  If you are currently working on new product development that will require a different manufacturing method, installing new production kit or you are considering changing your tins, please contact our Manufacturing Support team who will be able to provide guidance regarding what AAK UK can do to help make this process easier.


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