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Dairy Fat Alternatives

Dairy Fat Alternatives


Dairy Fat Alternatives

AAK offers an extensive range of Dairy Fat Alternatives, which can be used to complement or replace milk fat. This includes an assortment of high-quality vegetable fat products that have been specifically designed to fulfil the requirements of various dairy applications. With AAK’s range of dairy fat alternatives, you can replace dairy fats without compromising on quality.

The main benefits of our DFAs include:

Vegetable oils usually contain less saturated fatty acids and more unsaturated fatty acids, compared to dairy fats. They also minimize the amount of cholesterol in a product. Our DFA products are designed to satisfy both the nutritional aspects and the functional properties of a fat for dairy applications.

When it comes to ice cream, using vegetable fat is a great way to reduce costs, whilst allowing you to offer a healthier product. AAK's dairy fats are developed to offer the highest taste quality. They also have the correct balance between solid and liquid fat at different temperatures, enabling you to replace dairy fat whilst maintaining a nice, creamy consistency and appealing eating properties for your ice cream.

Akomix is AAK's range of speciality ice cream fats. The range offers both non-trans and non-hydrogenated alternatives to dairy fat.

A growing trend in ice cream production is to lower the saturated fat (SAFA) content, but the vegetable fats traditionally are high in SAFA.  AAK however can offer fat blends with a substantial reduction in saturated fat, allowing you to cut costs and create a healthier product, without compromising on taste or texture.

More information on our range of DFA products is available at

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