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AAK Chocolate and Confectionery – your partner in creating effective solutions

Chocolate – ILLEXAO™

ILLEXAO™ enables you to meet your needs for longer shelf life, improved heat stability, flavour, texture and meltdown.

Super Compound – ILLEXAO™

ILLEXAO™ has the same physical properties and chemical composition as cocoa butter but irons out many of the difficulties inherent in chocolate production.

ILLEXAO™ enables you to produce harder or softer chocolate confectionery products as required, to be able to meet all cocoa butter recipes, regardless of origin.

Compound coatings – AKOPOL™, CEBES™, SILKO™

Choose AKOPOL™ for compound coating and moulding. This product allows for easy production and gives intense chocolate flavour. Use CEBES™ and SILKO™ for compound coating and moulding, to improve your cost-efficiency and provide good melting properties.

AAK has launched CEBES™ LS for non-hydrogenated, lauric confectionery coatings, which offers a reduced amount of saturated fatty acids.

Confectionery fillings – CHOCOFILL™, DELIAIR™ NH

AAK has a complete range of chocolate fats for confectionery fillings. The range includes filling fats with a low content of saturated fatty acids, non-hydrogenated fats, bloom-retarding fats, cool-melting fats and aerating fats.

Use CHOCOFILL™ and DELIAIR™ NH for a tasty combination of filling fats with unique functional properties.

Chocolate spreads – AKOSPREAD™

AAK supplies non-trans fats, which provide good spreadability over extended temperature ranges in combination with unique crystallisation properties designed to minimise oil migration.

Barrier fats – BARRIER FAT™

BARRIER FAT™ is a bloom-retarding barrier fat that prolongs the shelf life of your pralines and bars. BARRIER FAT™ is used as a thin inner layer.

For more information about the chocolate fats and confectionery products that AAK offers, please visit

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