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Food Ingredients

Food Ingredients


Food Ingredients

As the importance of healthy-eating continues to change the shopping habits of today’s consumer, we are perfectly placed to help you meet demand with our extensive range of value-added, low trans and saturated fat speciality food oils and fats. From dairy fat alternatives and ice cream fats to oils and fats for infant nutrition and chocolate and confectionery, we have something to suit all requirements.

Dairy Fat Alternatives

Our Dairy Fat Alternatives (DFAs) have specific characteristics that satisfy the needs of various dairy applications. They can be used to complement or replace milk fat in products like cheese, butter blends, whipped cream, ice cream or soured products without altering their quality or taste, and present an attractive nutritional profile.

Our dairy fat alternatives balance the content of solid and liquid fat to maintain excellent structure and eating properties. The nutritional profile of a product is therefore improved and the amount of saturated fat is lowered without altering the functionality of the fat.

Infant Nutrition

AAK supplies oils and fats for infant formula, delivering a balanced and sufficient amount of essential fatty acids. Speciality oils rich in sn-2 palmitic acid, which mimic the composition of breast milk, are also available under the InFat™ brand.

Chocolate and Confectionery

With our highly-specialised cocoa butter alternatives and filling fats, which provide premium functionality, AAK is the world’s largest supplier of speciality food oils and fats to the chocolate and confectionery industry. AAK offers a wide range of chocolate and confectionery solutions including high-quality products developed for added health benefits and longer shelf-life. Whatever your requirements, AAK provide the cost-efficiency, expertise and technology to help you deliver great results.

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