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Oils and fats are essential for life, and we are on a mission to share the message that fat makes food fabulous – especially when it comes to plant-based foods, at the Plant Based World Expo Europe exhibition, stand D5.

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Helen Flower

Marketing Manager

Food Ingredients


Helen Flower
Ted Lengwin

Ted Lengwin

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Food we are sharing, made fabulous by AkoPlanetTM

Plant-based pâté

A plant-based pâté made smooth and creamy by AkoPlanetTM served with a Lion caramelised onion chutney on a crunchy cracker.

Download recipe below:

AKO Pate

Mini cheesecakes

Our signature Speculoos dairy-free cheesecake, made deliciously indulgent by AkoPlanetTM, served with a gooey vegan salted caramel sauce.

Download recipe below:

Ako Mini Cheesecake 06

Greek-style salad

A crisp, fresh salad of Greek-style white plant-based cheese made crumbly and creamy by AkoPlanetTM, drizzled with Prep Premium basil-infused oil.

Download recipe below:

Ako Feta

Chick’n strips

Baked to perfection and made tasty and juicy by AkoPlanetTM.

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Ako Chicken Curry

Chick’n nuggets

Dippable plant-based nuggets, made crispy on the outside and tender on the inside by AkoPlanetTM.

Download recipe below:

Ako Nuggets

Vegan jaffa cakes

A light, egg-free and dairy-free sponge topped with a zesty orange and coated in our AAK vegan ‘milky’ choc drops.

Download recipe below:

Jaffa Cake


Moreish meat-free morsels made deliciously succulent by AkoPlanetTM.

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Ako Meatballs

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Our carefully formulated ingredients can have a positive impact in four key areas:

  • Taste: adding succulence, carrying flavour, delivering satiety
  • Nutrition: meeting health targets, including saturated fat optimisation and reduction
  • Functionality: contributing to texture, mouthfeel and flavour, facilitating processing and cooking
  • Sustainability: AkoPlanetTM ingredients are plant-based and responsibly sourced.
Ako Planet Taste
Ako Planet Nutrition
Ako Planet Functionality
Ako Planet Sustainability

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