AAK is the UK’s leading supplier of bakery fats, oils and specialist ingredients to the bakery industry. We work with leading brands and own label manufacturers to co-develop value adding ingredient solutions that exceed expectations and achieve commercial objectives.

Bakery challenges

We understand the pressures our customers are under to meet government nutritional targets, reduce waste, mitigate cost increases and extend shelf life, whilst maintaining taste and eating quality. We know that they must innovate too, to meet their consumers’ growing appetite for new flavours, textures and formats.

Co-developed solutions

The good news is that our experienced and creative Customer Innovation and Engineering teams are ready to help. Their aim is to meet your needs exactly. If this can be achieved by a standard bakery fat or oil, that’s what we will supply. But more often, they will work with you to co-develop a customised solution.

Reduce sugar, cut saturates, improve quality

So, whether you need to reduce sugar, lower saturated fat, cut waste, extend shelf life or improve taste, texture or mouthfeel, get in touch. Our Customer Innovation and Engineering teams will collaborate with you to take your project from initial concept to full production.

And don’t worry about sustainability - it’s in our DNA. You can depend on us to supply sustainable solutions. Click here to read more.

Contact our Customer Innovation team today to discuss your plan, product or process.