Creative and innovative salad dressings bring dishes to life. And, as consumers lean increasingly towards healthy eating, dressings have become an integral part of a health-conscious diet.

Designed for salads, our dressings – in common with many of our sauces – are also perfect as dips to accompany fries, wedges, nachos and crudités.

Flavour twists such as lime, chilli, coconut and mango are perfect for grabbing attention and feeding the curiosity of consumers seeking something a little different. Some of our most popular recipes include Cajun & Tomato, Creamy Thai, and Sweet Red Pepper & Balsamic, drawing on the influences of global cuisines and traditional ingredients. 

When it comes to enduring classics and long-time favourites, we’re specialists in developing new recipes to meet specific flavour and nutrition requirements. From Thousand Island, Honey & Mustard, Ranch, and Caesar dressing, to Garlic & Herb, French Style Dressing and Blue Cheese, we work closely with our customers to develop the precise recipes that will set them apart from the competition.