Today’s best sandwiches and salads have at their heart good mayonnaise.

Used to bind fillings in a wrap, add richness to a sandwich, or bring texture and interest to a salad, mayonnaise also adds coolness and indulgence to a burger or hot roll, and is increasingly a popular condiment for chips, wedges and sweet potato fries. 

Our specialists have the skills to create a comprehensive selection of mayonnaises, ranging from light recipes with 25% oil, through thick and creamy with 40% oil, to a premium mayonnaise made with 80% oil.

Garlic, chilli, chipotle and lemon-flavoured varieties add an extra layer of flavour to any dish, particularly those made with chicken, seafood or vegetable protein. Meanwhile, our vegan mayo has a unique recipe that is free from common allergens, including mustard. Using the expertise behind these recipes, we can develop bespoke mayonnaises that are optimised for customers’ needs.