We can supply our sauces, dressings and condiments in a range of packaging formats, suitable for many foodservice, manufacturing and retail requirements.

Foodservice products can be supplied in packages including 2.27L and 1.0L jars, 1L bottles and 2-300ml top-down bottles.

Larger packages, including some foodservice options and those for manufacturing, include:

  • 5/10L Pail
  • 5L Polimoon
  • 5L Jerrican
  • 100ml Jar
  • 200ml Jar
  • Bottles ranging from 150ml to 500ml, including a 200ml square bottle.
  • Pallecon 25L Pail

Our range of retail packaging formats includes 150ml sauce bottles, 100-500ml condiment jars, standard and premium dressing bottles, squeezy bottles and top-down squeezy bottles.

We can adapt existing packing lines to offer greater flexibility; please contact us if the packaging format you require is not listed here.